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About this item

  • Personalized: personalize any letter with your preferrred themed elements.
  • Material: made from 1/4" thick solid maple hardwood.
  • Applicable: it has a perfect design for door hangers or decorative wall art. The unique design makes your gift fun and eye-catching. 
  • Color & Size: we try to keep the natural wood but specialty colors can be ordered.  Size: approximately 12" x 8" 
  • Click on the Personalize Now button to add your engraving requirements. Specify interests your child has or pictures you would like engraved into your letter. These can range from family photos to more generic activities or interests. Please detail any color requests other then the natural wood.

Personalized Letter Wall/ Door Art

  • All customizeable products such as cards, letters, billboard shirts, etc are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-RETURNABLE.

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